Crossroads Boxing is an organization that provides our local youth the opportunity to participate in many activities, including boxing, to teach them life skills and prepare them for a bright future.

Mission Statement

Here at Crossroads we understand that strong and stable families are vital in creating productive communities and that good communities bring rise to a prosperous city. It all starts at home with the family. Our mission is to promote the power of positive thinking with today’s youth and parents through several classes and programs which benefit the body, mind and spirit.

The heart and soul is our Boxing Program which promotes healthy competition and teaches discipline, courage, mental strength, physical fitness, resiliency, faith, hope, teamwork, and leadership. All of which are necessary to lead a healthy and prosperous life, both in and out of the ring.

A Message From Founder Bernie Valenzuela

Crossroads Boxing Founder Bernie Valenzuela

If I had to choose one word that best describes our foundation it would be Courage.

Crossroads Boxing has the courage to do what is necessary to make an impact on youth, families, and the greater community.  We take a positive and productive approach by implementing the core principles of discipline, respect, strength, and leadership through our boxing program.  

It is our goal to provide a sanctuary for youth, an environment characterized by positivity, leadership and the will to achieve personal growth.

At Crossroads, participants learn to work with one another, encourage one another, and to be part of something greater than themselves.

It is through hard work and discipline that we see young individuals growing into respectable and amicable citizens.  That is our Goal.

-Bernie V.