Big Bern Promotions!!!

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Big Bern Promotions

Boxercise with Mike Weaver

Come to Crossroads every Tuesday, Wednesday, and  Thursday evenings, beginning at 7pm (SHARP), to experience the workout of your life, BOXERCISE.


Boxercise is a form of fitness training that involves boxing concepts.  Punching. Skipping. Ducking. Weaving. Killer Combinations. Speed. Agility. Endurance. Power. Balance. Oh. And it’s SAFE. Classes typically use the 8 punches (jab, cross, head hooks, body hooks, and uppercuts) in combination with other exercises to maintain a constant workout. Think burpees, skipping, shuttle runs, push ups and the like. We aim to work both aerobically (heart-pumping endurance) and anaerobically (short bursts of power). All this taught by former World Heavy Weight Champion, Mike D. Weaver.

Crossroads Courage

I’m very proud of our boys. Their biggest fight for most of them was fought outside the Ring battling with things that would break most young people, the fact that they prepared hard to be eligible to just get in the ring makes them all Champions in our book. CongratulationsJay Sanchez on your first of many victories. I’m proud of you Son!!!